For any recruiter or employer seeking to find prospective new employees, LilyLifestyle Jobs is the perfect one-stop solution.

As part of the network, LilyLifestyle Jobs can help your advert have a potential reach of over 60 million candidates worldwide.  This is because, when you post your job with us, you can choose to add Network Budget to purchase traffic clicks or Applications from other job boards within our network - thus ensuring you get the very best response to your job advertisement.

We offer an effective product portfolio that is easy-to-understand, and that delivers results.

Job Postings

LilyLifestyle Jobs offers 28 day job postings.  For those with regular posting requirements we offer bulk purchasing, giving you a method for potentially saving money on your job advertisements with LilyLifestyle Jobs.

Candidate Database

If you have a particularly hard-to-fill job, you may wish to search our candidate database.  The database contains CVs/resumes of candidates that have opted to make their details searchable on LilyLifestyle Jobs.

Featured Client

To maximise your exposure with LilyLifestyle Jobs you may become one of our featured clients.  This will give your company additional exposure on our home page and also within our recruiter directory.  For information about this product, please contact us.


LilyLifestyle Jobs offers a number of attractive banner advertising slots on its site.  For further details, and for pricing on this product, please contact us.